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The Donut Hole's retro sign

The Donut Hole's retro sign

I recently stopped into the Donut Hole in Prescott Valley on my way back to the Valley. It was 11ish; I had just come out of a long morning meeting and, while not quite ready for lunch, had a yen to pick up something sweet, something in a brown paper bag,

something I could dig into somewhere between Cordes Junction and Sunset Point.

And, like a beacon from the north side of Highway 69, was the humbly retro yellow sign for…. The Donut Hole.  I have passed The Donut Hole on nearly two dozen trips back and forth to Prescott over the past couple-a years but never had the chance to stop. And, while I’m not necessarily a donut (doughnut?) junkie (I mean, I have other food vices that waaaay surpass any craving for donuts) this trip I finally had time and the insatiable inclination to exit the highway, turn onto the frontage road and park myself in front of this tiny, rust colored fixture of Prescott Valley.

I made my selection (it was so hard to choose!) of an old fashioned crumb donut and a cup of (delicious) coffee, but I lingered a bit to check out the cases of donuts and refrigerators full of cookies, breads, turnovers and even savory pastries. I eventually hopped back in my car, resuming my trip back to the Valley.

I looked at the brown paper bag on the passenger seat. Should I wait until I get to Sunset Point? Cordes Junction?  No way. I didn’t even make it to Dewey before I dug into that sweet, crumbly, cakey donut. And it was spectacular.

See for yourselves:

The Donut Hole

8582 E State Route 69
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314-8701
(928) 772-6023

Your turn: Ever been to The Donut Hole in Prescott Valley? What other dives, drive-ins and diners should I try next time I’m in Prescott or the tri-city area?

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8 Responses to “Dives, Drive-Ins and Diners – Prescott Valley January 2011”

  1. Joseph Nemec says:

    Christina and Chrissy, I really enjoyed reading your blog about the Donut Hole. I am a huge fanatic of traveling and experiencing new places. Reading this post helped me to realize my power to discover. So many times when we are traveling we have a set destination and never take the time to stop at the other various destinations we pass along the way, for instance the Donut Hole. Sometimes it’s the little places along the way that give you the best travel experience. There are so many hidden gems in Arizona that offer a great experience; whether it be the Donut Hole or hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
    The purpose of traveling is to experience new places that are unfamiliar to us. I am an aspiring journalist and reading your blog post made me realize my passion for traveling and my ability to share my discoveries with others. Next time I drive to Prescott I’ll make sure to stop at the Donut Hole! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  2. christinatoo says:

    Thanks, Joseph! Very thoughtful comment.

  3. Margarette says:

    Hey, if you are really looking for a hole-in-the-wall place for dinner, check out the Dry Gulch located at 1630 Adams Street in Prescott. Now here is a place most would never think of entering if you were just arriving in Prescott. It’s in a neighborhood off Iron Springs Road that might not be the best representative of Prescott. (However, remember you are in Prescott so there are no unsafe neighborhoods. Just old west ones.) They have great steaks and other foods at 1970′s prices. The atmosphere makes you think you are dining in an old cabin with rustic wood siding. You get to trek through the waitstaff food pickup area to the dining rooms. Quaint is the best description. Their Margarita’s are great, too. Try it, we love it.

  4. julie says:

    Based on the pictures provided, those look alot like Mexican pastries, and I agree they are delicious.

  5. donna says:

    i agree. looks like Mexican pastry found here in pampa, tx at mejia’s bakery downtown and they are very good. not too sweet and their breads are vrey good also. pampa is on I-60 in the texas panhandle

  6. John says:

    Love the place. I go up to Prescott Valley every year to have my taxes done. Siegler and Siegler on the street right behind the Donut Hole. I always arrive early and savor their cheese Danish with a cup of coffee. A great place, very reasonably priced and yes plenty of Mexican pastries too. A unique and great experience. Also great accountant firm in street behind Donut Hole. Going up to Prescott over twenty years now.

  7. Amy Bentley says:

    Had the best tamale of my life at the Donut Hole today! Being from the Valley I can’t wait to go back to Prescott so we can sample more goodies.

  8. Amy Bentley says:

    And to answer your question, Bill’s Grill! Locally raised Beef and Hamburger buns made on premises. Simply delicious food!!